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A wedding when taal volcano erupted

Jan 12 2020. The day we all can't forget.

It was the day Jordan and Cheska decided to get married and also the day, the Taal Volcano suddenly erupted.

After a crowd-filled church ceremony, we were set to go back to our outdoor starry themed reception at Angelfields, Silang, but things suddenly changed when the volcano spewed ashes that turned into falling mud, alert level 4 were declared and safety of all is the utmost concern. News quickly spread and even if we want to keep it to ourselves and not let the couple worry, it inevitably reached to them.

Personally, I felt sorry and sad. But I asked my team to keep the cameras rolling just in case. To my surprise, Cheska and Jordan kept it cool. I can only imagine how hard it is for them to quickly abandon years worth of planning and how it feels to be so powerless as the situation is out of their control now.

Thanks to the quick and calm thinking of the parents and friends, together with team Rhed Sarmiento Event Planners and Coordinators, a new plan was formed. The new reception will take place in the small resto in SEDA Nuvali. (Thank you SEDA Nuvali!)

What we thought will be a simple dinner, turned out to be one of the most genuine reception we have ever filmed. Their friends hosted an impromptu program and clearly shows that the place did not matter, it was whom they celebrated it with.

As the sister of the bride shared, "you may not have the perfect reception, but they have the perfect partner in each other"

I remember my favorite line from the book "Chicken soup for the soul" -- You can have a broken car but feel sad, or you can have a broken car and be happy.

Indeed, they chose to be happy.

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