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What is the difference between Wedding Film and Traditional Film?

Same Day Edit video or the video played at the reception is quite common these days. They are the staple presentation at the wedding. However, it only includes some part of the preparations, the ceremony and if the reception have a long program, we might include the first few parts of the reception.

This may be enough to some, but most of the time, couples request to have a longer version of the Same Day Edit (SDE)

Wedding Film

The Wedding Film is a 10-15 minute edited video that includes mostly of what happened during the day. It is like the SDE but longer. It includes mostly the speeches of the reception, more of the ceremony and additional preparation. This is perfect for those want to see more on a concise but complete version.

The delivery time for this is 6 months after the wedding (Decembers not included in the count since it is the peak month).

Patrick and Janel Wedding Film Church: St Benedict Parish Nuvali Reception: The Hills at Silang Cavite

Eero and Tina Wedding Film Church: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Alabang Reception: Palazzo Verde, Alabang

Traditional Film

The Traditional Film is roughly 45 mins or longer edited chronologically or as the day happened. It starts at the preparation, the ceremony (including the entourage and bridal march) and the reception. This is mostly for couples who have relatives and friends who want to experience the whole wedding as it is, but could not attend.

The delivery time for this is also 6 months after the wedding.

Selwyn and Daisy Traditional Film

Church: San Agustin Church, Manila

Reception: One Esplanade, Pasay

Rich and Bianca Traditional Film

Church: St Benedict Parish, Nuvali Reception: Angelfields, Silang Cavite

Which one should we get?

Well, if you have to choose, you can get the Wedding Film to start. We take all the best parts and weave it in to a film that is enjoyable to watch over and over again. But, if you are happy with the Same Day Edit already, you can get away with just the SDE only and not get any of the two. Anyway, in case the couple decides to get any or both, we are ready since we always cover the whole wedding, regardless of the package chosen. Hope this helps! See you in the next blog :) Jake

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