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Wedding in Alabang: Eero and Tina

When I shoot weddings, I assign myself to watch out for the groom's reaction. For me it complements and completes the whole picture. It just tells you so much.

I remember Eero, Tina and I were talking about how they met, how did they became a couple. You know usually getting to know. (I love meeting my couples BTW) So, they met at work and their friends used to tease them together and eventually gave in and clicked. However, there was a time that they need to part ways. But being away from each other somehow helps them grow individually and prepared them to the next level.

Fortunately, the got back together and I remembered Eero said that there is no place he rather be than with Tina.

That story was playing on my mind as I point my lens towards Eero when he saw Tina for the first time. He even whispered to his bestman "akalain mo, ito na yun"

This is it guys. Congratulations!

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