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what should you look for in a wedding video?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Weddings, like any important event, happens only once in our lifetime. And preparing for it could be stressful, yet exciting. If you are reading this, I am sure you are thinking of preparing for your own wedding or already in the process of preparing for your wedding. The ceremony, the reception, the gown, the theme -- all of those stuff.

And you want it to be beautiful. You want it to be special. And you want it to be memorable.

As the cliche goes, "the only thing that the wedding will leave you are memories".

So you need a team of experienced suppliers to capture your special day. Aside from the photographer, you must also be looking for a talented team to film that special moment. A group of wedding videographers that are capable to weaving a story that would help you remember what happened on your wedding day.

So the problem is, you think every wedding video is the SAME. So what should you look for in a wedding video?

1. It must capture your attention.

If you were able to watch at least 15 seconds of that aerial video intro, then that video is worth noting in your organized spreadsheet.

2. You must feel something.

Whether you feel the grandness or the simplicity of the wedding, the video helped you feel that. If cried on that emotional vow, then the video is effective in conveying the message. It helps you transport yourself as if you are there.

3. Consistency.

If you were impressed with that one celebrity video, or that 15s Instagram teaser, then make sure you check the whole thing. Help yourself and watch at least 2 more of their RECENT videos. This will help you gauge if the style that they show lines up with what you want.

4. Technicality

This is optional. Only those with trained eye for watching K-dramas can spot this. You can look on how they pick the music -- if it matches the mood of the video, the transition -- if it was cleanly made, the color, the brightness etc. This is not limited to that but what I am trying to say is if it was given effort to release a visual masterpiece.

5. This is it feeling.

Most of the time, couples would share to me that the deciding factor was a gut-feeling. That "this is it" moment. It might be hard to quantify but if you can't sleep and kept thinking of that Wedding videographer's Films, then you just might have found the chosen one. Don't forget to ask if they are still available before you sleep.

Just a little warning that watching wedding videos at work is dangerous to your job. Avoid watching them when you just clocked in for work. But seriously, these choices are not easily made so it is best to give them time. Discuss it with your partners and decide together. Make a shortlist and one by one eliminate or detail what you like and don't like.

That's it. I hope you find this information useful and good luck on your wedding preps!

Happy hunting!


Jake Jake Olaso is a Philippine Wedding Videographer based in Manila. With over 10 years experience, he specializes in capturing wedding as it is. Creatively weaving stories that is close to the heart.

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