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Wedding in Don Bosco Makati: Migui and Ginny

Truth be told, I was really looking forward to this wedding. Not because they have extraordinary wedding, but because they chose to focus more on the experience rather than the tradition. They've let go certain portions of the usual wedding filming and wanted to really just relax and enjoy the day.

I mean, this is what we love to do. Capturing the moments as they happen, and hopefully translate the feelings into a heartfelt wedding film.

When we arrived at the hotel, Migui was standing outside the door, holding a notebook. I asked him if he is alright because he looks like he is nervous. Then I went inside and greeted Ginny. She was completely opposite of what Migui looks like. Bubbly, cheerful and ready to party!

Looking at the timeline of the wedding day, they should have a moment together at 11 oclock to say their vows. But Ginny is still in the make up chair and not sure if Migui is being impatient or very nervous because we caught him holding his notebook and practicing outside! Haha. Idle time means reviewing what he would say to Ginny.

But it turned out well. He was able to deliver his vows calmly.

The wedding was really intimate, guests filled up the reception until the very end and it was really a celebration of closely knitted family and friends.

Congratulations Migui and Ginny!

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