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Pre-Wedding Video: Should we get one?

Engagement Video, Pre-Wedding Video, Save the Date. Should we get it?

Most of the wedding video packages nowadays offer something like a pre-wedding video or similar. It is not really necessary but if you are still deciding whether to get one or not, please read on.

Why do we need it?

Most of the time, couples get a package where you get a wedding coverage plus a pre-wedding video or engagement video. But why do you need one? Well for us, videographers, we want the couples to be comfortable in front of the camera. And having a pre-wedding video session helps a lot in building rapport between the couple and the videographer. But if you already have a pre-wedding photo, then you are good to go. Another reason why you should get one is to have a creative way of announcing your engagement. Show your family and friends that you are getting married. Send them a video with a date, so they can mark it down and make arrangements for your special day.

What is the difference between pre-wedding video, engagement video, save the date and concept video?

There are a few terms wedding videographers use to market their pre-wedding video services. The most common term is simply pre-wedding video. Others call it engagement video or prenup video which is basically the same where the couple makes a video before the wedding day. Other video services may include something like Save the date, which basically a trimmed down version of the pre-wedding video and usually includes a date on the video. This also serves as a digital invitation to the couple's guests.

The concept pre-wedding/prenup video is a type of pre-wedding/prenup video where you creatively showcase the couple through concept type videos which may include (but not limited to) interview type she said-he said story, a thematic video, a fantasy/fictional depiction, or parody even. More on that later.

Ok, now we are considering on getting one. But we do not have any idea on what to make!

Now that you are decided, you can ask your videographer if they have some ideas on how to do your pre-wedding video. For us, we initially ask questions on what they like and what they don't like. We like to have the idea come initially from the couple to really showcase their personality. Then we trim it down to a few choices.

To better help you find which style suits you best, we have some examples on how our previous couples did their pre

1. Common interest

With this pre-wedding video type, the couple shows what they love doing together.

Melvin and RF - they love riding together.

Candy and Regal - they really got the moves!

2. Show a familiar place or special location

Roi and Jill - Both are adventurers and really want to showcase a beautiful spot up north - La Union.

Conrad and Paris - London is where they first dated and where Conrad proposed to Paris

3. Through a worded piece

Jimmy and Jackee wanted to tell their story through a wonderful piece.

4. Through a love story interview

Kenny and Paula tells us how they met, how they are as a couple and how they love each other.

5. Through a Parody or Comedic theme

James Roy and Joyce - By far the craziest we did so far! haha JR wanted to be different so he made their own wedding theme song

6. Or really just want to have a good time and enjoy each other

This could be anything under the sun and just really have a good time.

Paolo and Maris

David and Clarisse

So there you go, hopefully this helps you decide whether you will skip the pre-wedding video or decide to finally get one. I hope you had fun reading this as much as I had fund writing this one. See you on the next blog post!

PS: You may be wondering if I did a pre-wedding video myself? Yes we did. We created a parody of our favorite lines from the local movies. It's embarrassing at first but seeing how our friends and family enjoyed watching it, really pays off. It helps to create something they would never expect you to do.

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