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Top Wedding Videographer Philippines

Hello there!

Sorry for the click-bait title but just wanted to experiment on our SEO and how far it could reach the interwebs.

But since you are already here, I might as well introduce myself.

I am Jake, owner of Jake Olaso Wedding Films (of course) and we are a group of wedding videographers based in Manila (Las Pinas), Philippines. Contrary to the title, we are not really the top wedding videographer in the Philippines. But we are passionately wanting and slowly going there. Although my studio is named after myself, we are team composed of equally passionate and talented individuals, who are dedicated to create a memory of one of the happiest day of our lives - your wedding day.

Thank you for reaching this far. And with that we want to answer the million dollar question - Why should you get us for your wedding?

Honestly, I am torn on how to answer this - but it could go two different ways. One - the marketing answer. You should get us because we capture moments and showcase it so you can make a remembrance of one of your happiest memory. Two - the honest answer. You should get us because we just really want to tell your story. We want show the real story behind the union. The journey on how you got here. How you struggled, how you fought for your love and how you waited for that perfect time. Or simply how you enjoyed being with each other, every single day. Because the wedding is just the beginning. And we want you to remember where you started, to your journey onto married life.



PS: I did not share this onto my other social media platforms, so if you found this. Kudos to you, you earned a special discount on any of our services. Please feel free to get in touch and tell us that you found us here.

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