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Dennis and Dearly Wedding in Santuario De San Jose / Oasis Manila

We are always asked what our style is, what separates us with others. Honestly, weddings are almost the same every time (at least for catholic weddings). Same routine, same details, almost the same program. The uniqueness of each video relies on personalization.

More than the make up shots, we give more weight on how the bride feels. How she asks comfort with her bridesmaids, how she shakes her hand because she is nervous. How the groom reacts to the gift and how he feels seeing his bride for the first time.

Shooting more than the obvious.

We capture how emotional the day is. We film the people who celebrated with you. We create memories that spark feelings even if you are just watching it on your phone.

This is what we do.

Nothing fancy. Simple but heartfelt.

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