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Chris and Bernice // The day that we’ve always prayed

Last saturday, we filmed Chris and Bernice's intimate wedding.

Alpadi holds the perfect location to get married. Garden, open and airy.

Unfortunately, during the course of the bridal March, Rain started to pour in. No tents available and moving the whole setup would be a nightmare.

I remember the look in Chris' face. He was a bit worried, but calm. I even told him "blessing yan" just to release some anxiousness. He was quick to reply with a smile.

Soon after, he closed his eyes, then started praying. I was shooting with one hand while the other hand is covering my camera with cloth. I can see droplets of rain touching Chris' coat but still, he continued to pray.

As Bernice shared, God has been faithful from the beginning and won't let anything happen without a reason. He gives strength to those who wait.

After a while, clouds started to move. The sun peeked and stayed for the duration of the wedding.

No matter what challenges they faced during the wedding, they chose to let God do his work and trust in him.

Because this is the day that they've always prayed.

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