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JR, I know you are in a better place now. Thank you for letting us experience your wedding.


See you soon bro.




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A romance that started on the airwaves, flourished on a radio show and ended at a garden setting. No, the rain cant stop the 5 year strong relationship to be blessed and fortified in front of close friends and family. The feeling is high, the mood is festive and the love of two spans to the moon and back.


Also check out the paper airplanes used at the wedding, it matches our new logo! What a beautiful coincidence to start the new year.



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Finaaaaally! I mean 9 months finally “finally”!


Some of you may have seen my last post on the old website for sometime now. I am so sorry for that and I promise you to keep this blog updated!
This new website is a collaborative effort made by my former bride and good friend, Lai Reyes-Geluz. We have been patiently hiding this portal for 9 months now. Now is the perfect time. :)
Please feel free to browse new contents and don’t forget to share them! :)





PS: I will be sharing our videos starting 2013 and above. In case you want to watch my old videos, you may do so here.

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