who wants to capture and share real love stories.


Started in 2011, Jake Olaso Wedding Films was born out of curiosity.


Jake started making travel videos of his then girlfriend (now fiance and soon his wife) and enjoyed every bit of it.

He then immersed himself into creating heartfelt stories of his friends for free. Word of mouth spread and now, he takes his cinematic career into full blast.


Before he became a wedding videographer, he was once an engineer, a geek, a musician, and an observer. He really does not treat himself as an artist, but a keen observer. He likes to listen to stories and see new places.


From capturing simple engagement sessions to classic wedding post nups, Jake never stops to capture life-changing moments and letting the audience experience the emotions of the day as if they are actually there.


He wanted to tell their story and capture real emotions.


So, what’s your story?