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Rolf was prepared.


He started writing his vows last december while stucked in heavy rain in Siargao. 10 months after, it is still raining. Lando came to shower blessings in the whole North Luzon but Karr and Rolf have a greater belief that no rain can stop.


Check out the full heartfelt vows from Karr and Rolf.




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Morning Weddings will always be a favorite.


I know it is hard to get up (or even sleep) but getting that warm morning light as a backdrop to your dramatic door opening is already a big reward. Getting married in the morning might or might not be a big factor for France and Ghe but getting married in church surely is.


France shared to us they keep this little notebook “the adventure awaits” where they keep notes on what they want to say to each other. A clever and efficient way to remember things when our minds wander at unconventional places. I might even share this technique to my couples!


Check out the Same Day Edit Below:



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I have been shooting weddings for almost 5 years now and covered ceremonies in almost all of the churches in the metro, except Manila Cathedral.




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This is Maggi, Jake’s Wife. First of all, Belated Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there. Jake will also be a full blown father when our baby comes out in October! :)



I am taking over his blog in the meantime as this was not been updated in a while. I thought of making an entry while watching some of his videos and thought what other gift I can give to Jake that he can make us of. Then I came across one of his old classic prenup videos from 3 years ago. It was so nostalgic that I have to browse his library for some other prenup videos. And so here it is, I wanted to share the experience we had while reminiscing some of his works that make me fall in love all over again!





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