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I have been shooting weddings for almost 5 years now and covered ceremonies in almost all of the churches in the metro, except Manila Cathedral.




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This is Maggi, Jake’s Wife. First of all, Belated Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there. Jake will also be a full blown father when our baby comes out in October! :)



I am taking over his blog in the meantime as this was not been updated in a while. I thought of making an entry while watching some of his videos and thought what other gift I can give to Jake that he can make us of. Then I came across one of his old classic prenup videos from 3 years ago. It was so nostalgic that I have to browse his library for some other prenup videos. And so here it is, I wanted to share the experience we had while reminiscing some of his works that make me fall in love all over again!





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About a month ago, we travelled more than 8,000km to film a wedding in Waiheke, New Zealand.

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So we recently travelled to Albay to film a wedding. The territory is familiar to us since it is our second time to visit this friendly place. Back in 2012, we filmed Chris and Mhel’s wedding at the lovely Oriental Hotel in Legazpi. After 2 years, its her sister, Rhea with his groom, Chester’s time to wed.

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The closest thing I have for a long distance relationship is when my wife (my girlfriend then), had to go for a month vacation in Malaysia. The feeling is unfamiliar. I can only imagine the feeling if it would last more than one month! But Ryan and Gel did it. They outlasted it.

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